Starting an E-Publishing Company

November 13, 2009

Narrowing it down

So I figured out what I wanted was to e-publish books, the next step is to narrow down what will be published. You can’t publish it all and have a much better chance to succeed if you go for a niche market, unless you have the backing of 3,000,000 dollars like CEO Jane Friedman at Open Road Integrated Media. But, as of this time, I don’t have that level of funding -yet 😉
Also, it’s best to work with what you know and love. And in my case I have been reading Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mysteries for around 40 years. And, I want to help new authors get exposed to an audience, yet I also want to give the audience what they want. So the next question is ?how do I do that, and still survive as a business. (after all this is a business)…..


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