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November 8, 2009

How I picked E-Publishing

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So, next I thought of the different ways to be involved with books: Bookstore, Used Bookstore, Editing, Writing, and Publishing.

Bookstore/Used Bookstore: I knew that many of the Independent bookstores were having a difficult time competing with the big box stores and Amazon. Used bookstores were going the same way as the Independents, and the only way to really make money is to get on Amazon and sell used books as cheap as possible, while getting the most you could out of the shipping and handling charges. Also, starting a physical bookstore would require large amounts of capital just to get started.

Editing: I have done document editing, but kinda figured the only way to get into editing at a publishing company was to sell everything, move to New York and start as an intern. Well, I don’t really like New York, and at 46 years old was not ready to live with 5 other people in an apartment in New York. Besides I wanted to work for myself, not someone else.

Writing: I had contemplated writing at different points in my life, first is the solitary work of a rough draft, then the solitary work of revising the same work 2 to 3 times. Then once the writing and revision is done, you can HOPE to find an agent, a publisher, or contemplate self-publishing as Joe Konrath is doing. But I realized I LOVE to read much more then I like to write.

Publishing: Would allow me to read, would allow me to introduce new authors, would allow me to work for myself. But, I knew that traditional publishing was not where I wanted to go, first you find an author, request changes, edit for continuity, edit for typos, punctuation, etc.., find and pay artist for the cover, find a printer, find a distributor, pay for printing and distribution, hope bookstores buy what you’ve created and you make your investment back.

E-Publishing: Is new and is currently poised to explode. Would allow me to read, would allow me to introduce new authors (which I get to read) at a much lower cost then traditional publishing, would allow me to work for myself, would need to edit for continuity, typos, punctuations, etc.., could encourage reader (customer) to have more input in WHAT the he/she wants to read, could be set up as a revenue sharing between the publisher, and the author, help the writer get direct feedback from their reader (customer), would NOT need distributor, printer, and all the other middlemen.

And that was just the beginning of the thoughts that came to me when contemplating being an E-Publisher, it was definite where I wanted to go, and do.


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