Starting an E-Publishing Company

November 5, 2009

Where it started

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It started, as many new companies start, because I was tired of my day job. I had been doing the job for many years, but had reached the point where everything about it was the same every day, same letters being written, same reports being sent, dealing with the same people (fortunately there were a few bright points). I felt stagnant and brain dead; I was desperately unhappy, and looking for a new way to go in my life.

As a news junky, I made it a point of reading MSNBC, CNN, USA Today, New Scientist, etc.., a couple of times a day; it kept me up to date, and brought a little variety into my day. Then one day, I came across an article on USA Today:
“Ideas, opportunities, and inspiration: Becoming a business owner”

As I was perusing the different sections to this multi-week article, I saw a questionnaire, and one of the first questions it asked was “What are you passionate about?” Without even a mental pause I knew the answer: BOOKS.

I love books, I love to escape to that other world and get away from the one I am in, if only for a few hours. And I knew, right then that what I wanted was to work with books.


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